Important Reminders When You Choose Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

There are many reasons why mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets are a favorite choice of designers and decorators today.  The mocha color is rich and elegant and adds a real sense of warmth to a space.  The Shaker style is simple and clean and gives the space an updated and modern look.

Because the color is so dark and the style is so simple, you may want to give some consideration to a few pointers on how to dress up and light up your space when you do order mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets for your home.  You don’t want your kitchen to become overly dark and dreary and you don’t want the simple style to look plain and boring.

Adding new light to your space can help tremendously especially when you order mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets.  This doesn’t need to be expensive; light fixtures today are very affordable and come in a wide range of options for metals and finishes and styles.  Track lighting can be aimed right at your cabinets to ensure you have enough light on them and that they don’t close in the space.  Canister or pot lights can be placed closer to the cabinets to add light; typically your main fixture is centered in the room so larger kitchens especially may benefit from these canister lights you add along the edges of the room, closer to the cabinets.

To ensure your mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets don’t seem too simple, consider oversized hardware, meaning the drawer pulls and door knobs.  This can break up the look of the wood and bring some metal elements into the space.  You can also add decorative accessories such as glass containers on the countertops, artwork, and other such items to give the space some personality and style.наушники 003шагомер приложениекак раскрутить сайткак разместить контекстную рекламузанзибар отдых

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