Marry Traditional and Modern With Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a traditional kitchen but also want something sleek and modern, you can actually marry these two styles with mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets.  The shade of mocha is dark and rich and warm and gives your kitchen a very expensive and old-world feeling, whereas the Shaker style is sleek and simple and goes very well with updated appliances and fixtures.

When you choose mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets you want to consider the size of your kitchen.  When it’s somewhat small, you might consider replacing some door fronts with glass or removing those doors for open shelves.  This will open up your space and make it seem airier and roomier.  Glass will also bounce around the light and this too adds to how much brighter your space will feel.

Consider too your accessories and hardware; stainless steel or nickel will stand out more, whereas darker pulls and knobs will just get lost against your dark cabinets.  Stainless steel appliances are also a good choice as white may seem too stark and other shades of brown may simply fade into your cabinets and be too much color.

It’s also good to keep your accessories and other items simple and bright when you have mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets.  They are so dark that dark accessories and surfaces will just get lost in your kitchen.  Consider stainless steel canisters or clear glass canisters for your countertops so they stand out.  These too will reflect light.

Because your mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets will have clean, square lines, consider breaking these up with rounded accessories such as round clocks, rounded backs of barstools at a counter, and so on.  This will soften your space and make it seem more welcoming and inviting overall rather than too stark and harsh.lingerie erotique grande tailleпроектирование каркасных деревянных домовcar top cover largeдайвинг центры на пхукете патонгsearch your tweets

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