Using Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets to Make a Kitchen Bar

This article is designed to help you make a creative, do-it-yourself design of your own: taking mocha shaker kitchen cabinets and turning them into a kitchen bar. Why did we choose mocha shaker kitchen cabinets for this project? Well, because the deep rich color of mocha shaker kitchen cabinets makes for a really classy looking wet bar.

What you will need to do this is to first measure out the area where you want your kitchen bar or your wet bar to go. Once you have all your measurements, purchase two (or more, depending on how big you want your bar will be) ready-to-assemble mocha shaker base kitchen cabinets. Put these cabinets together, as directed. Once all the base cabinets are put together and combined into a bar, it will be time to put on the countertop. Granite or marble will be best for your bar top. If you are building a wet bar, your countertop can be more or less flush with the kitchen cabinet bases. However, if this is a refreshment bar and you want to add stools, make sure you have a sufficient overhang.

Other things to keep in mind: if it is a wet bar you will want a sink and accessible water. For this you will have to run water lines up through the kitchen cabinet bases before securing the bar top and will have to purchase a new sink as well. If you are building a refreshment bar and don’t need a sink or water, you may still want power outlets accessible at the bar. You will have to hire an electrician to do the wiring before you secure the countertop.

Once your bar is in place, buy stools if it a kitchen bar and make yourself a well deserved drink if it is a wet bar!What to bringкухонная посуда ценапродвижение транспортной компанииcar cover for 2006 nissan 350zlingerie femme sexy

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