Get More Out of Your Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Kitchen Islands

You’ve already bought and installed (or you are planning to buy and install) your mocha shaker kitchen cabinets. You love their design. You love their deep, rich, coffee color. Yet even though you are enamored with your mocha shaker kitchen cabinets, you feel like something might be missing. Here’s an idea: in order to get the most out of your mocha shaker kitchen cabinets, you should add a mocha shaker kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a fantastic way to gain space and add utility to your kitchen; if you need inspiration, read through the examples below.

  • Maximize and customize your kitchen’s storage space with various combinations of shelving, cupboards, and drawers.
  • Bookworms and cooks alike love the idea of having a built in bookshelf on the end of their kitchen island. Whether it is full of things to read or your collection of cookbooks, have a designated space for books and reading materials is a wonderful way to keep your kitchen organized.
  • Wine aficionados have been known to add wine racks and wine coolers to their kitchen islands. Even if you aren’t a self-proclaimed wine aficionado, this design idea adds a layer of class to your kitchen.
  • Do you have a big family? Do you often like to entertain or have guests over? There are many ways you can arrange for your kitchen island to have seating. Breakfast bars are possible, but adding on end tables, extra nooks, or large divots to your kitchen island are all ways you can add more seating in your kitchen.
  • All kitchens need to be functional, but maybe yours needs to be highly functional for one reason or another. If that’s the case, then think about adding things like extra sinks, appliances, trash compactors, and power outlets to your kitchen island.

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