Can You Use Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets in a Small Space?

When you have a small space for your kitchen, you may hesitate to use a dark color like mocha since it does absorb the light and can make the space look even smaller.  However, mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets are rich and elegant and very modern, and go well with stainless steel kitchen appliances and lighter surfaces such as your countertops and floors.

If you have a smaller space and like the look of mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets, you can actually use these in your kitchen and not have it seem too small if you consider a few quick tips.  One thing to do is use glass door front for some of the cabinets.  This will open up the space and will also reflect a lot of light so it doesn’t feel like a cave.  There are lights you can use inside these cabinets also to help ensure your kitchen isn’t too dark.

Your light fixture can also be considered when you use Mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets in a small space.  Use a larger fixture that offers a lot of light in the space, and consider track lighting for long and narrow spaces.  Track lighting also means you can aim a light right at your mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets so they don’t seem to blend into the walls.  Canister lights close to the cabinets will also keep them from being too dark.

Another great way to light your kitchen is by installing LED light strips under your cabinets to provide a substantial and affordable lighting source in order to make it possible to use those darker mocha shaker kitchen cabinets in a smaller kitchen. These LED lights compared to other lighting sources not only match but exceed the traditional lighting standards when it comes to energy efficient lighting. While Incandescent lighting has  a higher color rendering index value, the quality of light tends to deteriorate over time and there is often color shifting. LED lighting is one of the only light sources that has very little color deterioration over time, little or no color shifting, can offer a high color rendering index and a wider color temperature.

If you are not familiar with LED lighting, you may want to visit the LED Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting website (  for more details and product options. As said before they are super affordable and better yet you can install them very easily by yourself in no time. Not only are their LED lights made in the USA, they can also be returned and recycled, rather than being discarded as waste, just like most other sources of light, making them an even more eco-friendly option other than just the general environmental advantages of LED lights.

Keeping your other surfaces light can also be a good choice when you have mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets.  Lighter tile on the floor and granite on the countertops can complement your cabinets and make them seem rich and elegant but not overpowering.  Keep this in mind when you have a small space but want big style and drama in that space.умные часы работающие с iosskins for macbook air 13 inchстатистика ключевых слов на яндексеmarketing search engine optimization38 статья уголовного кодекса украины

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