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Get More Out of Your Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Kitchen Islands

You’ve already bought and installed (or you are planning to buy and install) your mocha shaker kitchen cabinets. You love their design. You love their deep, rich, coffee color. Yet even though you are enamored with your mocha shaker kitchen cabinets, you feel like something might be missing. Here’s an idea: in order to get […]

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Blend Traditional and Contemporary With Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

What happens when you appreciate contemporary styles in the home but still want something that is warm and a bit traditional?  This can be difficult to balance, especially in the kitchen.  However, a good way to do this is to choose mocha shaker kitchen cabinets. Shaker style furniture is typically very square and without much […]

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Update to a Warm and Modern Style With Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a modern style in your kitchen but still want a space that is cozy and relaxing, this can be a challenge.  Modern styles are often thought of as being stark and cold and sterile.  However, you can blend both modern and traditional and create an updated but warm space for yourself if […]

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