Understanding the Construction of Ready to Assemble Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-customization is the hottest new trend in kitchen remodeling. Gone are the days of 2 month lead times for custom cabinets, and the days of settling for whatever cabinetry the local hardware store had in stock. Semi-customizable and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are here to stay. Mocha shaker kitchen cabinets are just one type of ready-to-assembly cabinetry. But the names hardly do this exciting trend justice. When you call something semi-custom, it sounds like a half-hearted version of custom, rather than an exciting new take on the idea of customization. Likewise with the name ready-to-assemble. It sounds like you are purchasing a box of life-size legos, and you’ll need a degree in civil engineering and 3 weeks holiday to turn it into something that resemble mocha shaker kitchen cabinets. However, the reality is that this could not be farther from the truth.

Semi-custom cabinets are in fact an improvement over custom cabinets, and in fact is an entire re-engineering of the role that customization should play in home furnishing. Consider the logistics. Imagine two completely opposite kitchen cabinets. Completely different materials, completely different design, and completely different accessories. Yet, the actual construction processes of these cabinets are going to be quite similar. After all, they are both filling almost the exact same function. In fact, we would say that they are about 90% identical. And therein lies the genius of semi-customization. The 90% is built beforehand, and the 10% that makes the cabinet look and feel completely unique can be added on at the end. Not only does this dramatically decrease the lead times required for installation when compared to fully customizable cabinetry, but it also results in considerable cost savings. Most importantly, you end up with a more attractive kitchen, and one that is more enjoyable to spend time in.каркасные дома в орлецена поездки на сафари в африкеcar cover for mazda miata mx-5реклама через социальные сетигорячая линия налоговой

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