Update to a Warm and Modern Style With Mocha Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a modern style in your kitchen but still want a space that is cozy and relaxing, this can be a challenge.  Modern styles are often thought of as being stark and cold and sterile.  However, you can blend both modern and traditional and create an updated but warm space for yourself if you choose mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets.

Choosing mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets means both a modern style and a traditional color and warmth.  The Shaker style of furniture is known for its clean lines that are without much fuss and detail, which makes them perfect pieces in a modern setting.  Cabinets in the Shaker style are typically square and simple and don’t have a lot of “fuss.”  This means they go well in a modern kitchen where lines are usually simple and clean and square.

The mocha color of mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets is what brings in the warmth and some of the traditional feeling.  Mocha is dark but rich and deep and elegant.  In many modern homes, the décor can seem to feel cold and impersonal because accents are usually made of stainless steel and glass and other such materials, and this can make a space seem cold.  When you use a mocha shade you offset this and bring in a warmth and elegance.

Those mocha Shaker kitchen cabinets go well with stainless steel appliances as these break up the look of the wood and the cabinets offset the coldness of the stainless steel metal.  You can add stainless steel pulls and handles to these so everything is coordinated, and use glass door fronts on a few cabinets as well.  This will add personality and warmth to your space but still keep things modern and updated.проекты каркасных домов небольшихпортативные колонки москвараскрутка санаториятайланд дайвинг пхукетручная пленка стрейч

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